Speaker Biography

Shalani Andria

Frost & Sullivan, Malaysia

Title: Entering the era of home health monitoring, What APAC healthcare stakeholders need to know?

Shalani Andria

Shalani Andria, the Transformational Health Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan is a subject matter expert in Asia Pacific digital health market with thought leadership covering broad range of sectors within the digital health market including Video Telemedicine, Mobile Health, Remote Patient Monitoring, Home Care, Healthcare IT, Healthcare Big Data Analytics, Healthcare Interoperability and Internet of Medical Things. Shalani has extensive experience in strategy consulting, merger & acquisition, and public-private partnerships. She has advised top telehealth vendors, healthcare IT vendors, medical device vendors, hospital groups, and ministries on disruptive technologies, business model innovation, and sustainable ecosystem. She has been quoted in multiple industry magazines and journals. 


Asia-Pacific (APAC) is moving from centralized to decentralized care-delivery models, with the need for efficient healthcare services outside the hospital. There has been an increase in demand for remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices by both healthcare providers and consumers in the home but adoption and adherence is low. The major roadblock is funding for high-tech devices and care management platforms. Some of the key challenges include:

  • Absence of sustainable business models due to under-developed healthcare regulations and reimbursement mechanisms
  • Lack of an ecosystem strategy that includes sustainable partnerships between telecommunication providers, healthcare providers, insurance companies, governments or others for home monitoring.

Failure to address these challenges result in inability to monetize home health monitoring solutions, although the market is packed with unexplored opportunities. This presentation will highlight some innovative business models that address these issues, and educate stakeholders on how and why the models are successful.