Adult Health Nursing

Adult nursing professionals play leadership role as the primary health care providers. They promote constructive health practices and disease prevention methods which begin in early adulthood and continues throughout the ageing process. Adult nurse practitioners are trained in such a way that they apply nursing theory in all their clinical practices. As leaders in the health care environment, adult nursing specialists educate, organize and manage the staff in their teams to respond quickly and efficiently in both routine tasks and emergency situations. An adult nurse practitioner will treat both acute and chronic illness, and can specialize in specific areas, such as diabetes or HIV/AIDS. An adult nurse practitioner usually works within a hospital, but there are opportunities available in the wide areas of health care settings such as adult day health care. As a nurse practitioner, they are responsible for multiple tasks:

  • Learning patients’ history
  • Comforting and advising patients and their families
  • Conducting patient investigations
  • Assisting doctors with tests and diagnosis
  • Updating patient records with current information
  • Preparing drips and blood transfusions
  • Giving and checking medicine and injections

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