Speaker Biography

Naveed Haider

Aga Khan University, Pakistan

Title: Continuity of care of a patient and its effect on their quality of life

Naveed Haider

Naveed Haider is currently working as a Registered Nurse from past 3 years at Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi, Pakistan in the department of surgery and gastroenterology. In addition, certified 3 years diploma in General nursing and 1 year specialization in Accidental and Emergency care with a valid Licensed from Pakistan Nursing Council. Moreover, Research has been done in Asia Pacific future leader in Kula Lumpur Malaysia Thus, Iam much interested to attend the conference for research purpose and to pertain information related to health care.



Introduction:Continuity of care is a primary asset and a core value of health care nursing. The term continuity of care depicts that of health care processes takes place with a required time flow, proper and organized coordination and a rapport building with a patient and its family.Objective: To describe the importance of Continuity of care of a patient and its effect on their quality of life. The aim is to motivate health care professionals to provide holistic care during peri-operative procedures and provide effective teaching to patient and its family members. This will enhance patient’s well-being by preventing them from complications.Methods: Literature review conducted to explore “Continuity of care of a patient and its effect on their quality of life”. Different electronic engines were explored from 2007 to 2013.Electronic engines includes authentic websites, research based articles and journals.Results: Literature suggests that continuity of care helps patient to become confident, self-reliant and motivated in meeting their basic needs i.e. care, effective communication, trust and facilitation in their health related risk and benefits. It has increased safety because communication and awareness of subtle changes by clarifying with health allied professionals. Many critical incidents have investigated involve lack of continuity and have resulted in changes to improve relational continuity. Higher patient satisfaction because leads to better reassurance and confidence in care.Conclusions and Recommendations: Continuity of relationship is essential to organize and coordinate the increasingly fragmented care that patients receive. Continuity of relationship is most important in the care of patients with multiple chronic diseases, mental illnesses and social distress. Therefore, from the initial assessment phase of admission till the patient discharge and its care at home is a crucial part for improving and maintain the quality of care.