Speaker Biography

Francis Kyerepagr Kobekyaa

Francis Kyerepagr Kobekyaa is a student at University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa


Background: Collaborative clinical facilitation is indispensable to the quality of clinical learning experience and the professional practice of nursing and midwifery students. Aim: The aim of this study was to explore and describe the knowledge level of nurse educators, preceptors, clinical nurses/midwives and nursing and midwifery students on the perceived collaborative clinical facilitation at two selected nursing and midwifery colleges and a hospital in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Methodology: This study adopted a pragmatic paradigm using a convergent parallel mixed methods approach. Purposive and systematic sampling methods were utilized in selecting participants for the study. Quantitative data was collected using a self-report questionnaire and the data analysed using both descriptive and inferential statistics. Focus groups and in-depth interviews were used to gather data for the qualitative phase of the study and analysed using Framework Analysis Method. Results and findings: The qualitative findings showed that nurse educators, preceptors and clinical nurses and midwives conceptualised collaborative clinical facilitation as a space for team teaching, where all the relevant key role players in clinical nursing education engaged in a tight node of interpersonal relationships to providing comprehensive support and guidance to nursing and midwifery students during their clinical practice. The students on the other hand viewed it as a vehicle for gaining self-autonomy in their clinical practice, and a platform for promoting the application of theory into practice in real-life situations. The quantitative results demonstrated that nurse educators, preceptors and clinical nurses/midwives had sufficient knowledge of collaborative clinical facilitation compared to the nursing and midwifery students.Conclusion: The clinical learning experiences of nursing and midwifery students require an effective collaborative partnership of all key role players pooling their expertise together to producing polyvalent, well-educated and professionally skilled nurses and midwives for the health care system.