Speaker Biography

Celina Afenir

Celina, She is Founder/CEO @ the Queen’s Court Nurse Manager/Consultant @ the First String Healthcare, she presented many seminar and events, participated in “Community campaigns” across the USA, and presented speeches annually for major international corporations and organizations, and was Miss. Philippines, Arizona USA 2011. She has Bachelors of Doctor of Nursing Healthcare Management - American Sentinel University, and Master of Business Administration (MBA). She was awarded the Silver Wing in 2006 for having accomplished 1000 flight hours (Native Air Ambulance Neonatal Flight Nurse), and elected member of the Kaplan University Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society (Gold Key) 2011.



Background:Based on employee rounding, the NICU leadership team identified the need of the NICU frontline staff members to be encouraged and empowered to make decisions on initiatives,changes, projects and performance improvements. There is a perception of inconsistent follow through from leadership team on issues, concerns, and suggestions regarding opportunities for improvement. As a result, historical employee engagement survey participation has been less than 50% and engagement results were below standards. Purpose: The NICU Practice Council was developed to represent the unit-based aspect of the shared governance model in healthcare. The frontline staff members are empowered to identify barriers to clinical practice, improve processes and/or workflow by partnering with the leadership team to help remove identified barriers and facilitate resources. The NICU Practice Council has the responsibility and accountability to establishing and maintaining the standards of evidence-based practice which describe and guide the care provided.