Speaker Biography

Zahra Salim Jessani

Aga Khan University, Pakistan Net

Title: Psychosocial effects of sexual exploitation on children health

Zahra Salim Jessani

Zahra Salim Jessani is currently working as a Registered Nurse from past 3 years at Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi, Pakistan in the department of Post Anesthesia Care Unit. In addition, certified Bachelor in science of nursing with a valid Licensed from Pakistan Nursing Council. Multiple researches have been done in the field of Nursing. Written and submitted one scholarly article in i-manager Journal of  Nursing titled “Addressing Physical and Spiritual needs of a patient in End of life care”. Published two poster presentations in International Nurses Day and International day of midwifery on “Psychosocial effects of sexual exploitation on children and Addressing physical and psychological needs of patient in palliative care”. Moreover, Provided with thorough knowledge about “Psychosocial effects of sexual exploitation in children” via oral presentation at National and International Levels respectively. 


Background:The happiest moment for parents in their life is to have a child whom they love, guide, protect and care for. A child is recognized soon after their birth on sexual appearances, whether he is a boy or a girl. The term sexuality came into existence since life has evolved on earth. Although the world understands how sexual harassment poses a threat but, it is shrouded in secrecy either in the name of false piety or for intended personal revenge. Resultantly, complaint against the perpetrators of sexual exploitation could not be registered.Research Question:Address the psychosocial effects of sexual exploitation on children.Method:Literature review conducted to explore psychosocial effects of sexual exploitation on children and their impact on their health. Different electronic engines were explored from 1968 to 2014.Findings:Literature suggests that sexual abuse has a profound impact on a child’s health and its management is imperative to prevent them from being sexually abused. It includes eating disorder, sleeping disturbances, phobia, depression, anger, average school performance and lack of confidence level. Proper awareness session, counseling and acknowledging patients’ and caregivers’ concerns can alleviate their psychological sufferings.Conclusion:Child sexual abuse is a heartrending problem. It leaves a scar on the victim which gives rise to psychosocial, behavioral, interpersonal, cognitive and affective problems. As caregivers, our ultimate goal is to remain proactive and start programs for their protection in order to prevent children from being victimized in the society.