Anaesthesia and Peri Anaesthesia Nursing

An anaesthetist is a skilled nurse who administers anaesthetics for surgery or other medical operations. They may be involved not just during the operation, but also before and after anaesthesia, depending on the local healthcare system.

Peri anaesthesia: The field of Peri anaesthesia nursing is focused with the treatment of patients who are undergoing or recovering from anaesthesia. Peri anaesthesia nursing encompasses a wide range of specialized practice areas as well as a variety of practice locations and abilities. They take care of side effects such as nausea and disorientation, as well as respiration and other undesirable reactions that patients may suffer after waking up from anaesthesia. They are trained in patient medical care, as well as the monitoring of heart rate, lung function, blood pressure, body temperature, and body fluid balance for patient safety and comfort.

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