Nursing Education

Nursing is service to individual, families and to the society. It is based upon arts and science which molds the attitude, intellectual competence, critical thinking ability and evidence based teaching skills of the individual nurse, to help people to meet their health needs in medical direction. Nursing is a social institution where, an organized group of people working together toward a common goal directly concerned with the welfare of the people. Their key responsibilities include

During the course of time, changes have taken place in the field of education, health care, sociocultural aspects, science and technology. There was a need for change in existing systems and beliefs to draw the best and useful aspects from various educational philosophies  and one’s one philosophy. With an inherent purpose, internal organization and infinite creativity, achievement of optimum health can be made possible by following the nursing theories in a defined way. Nursing is a crucial component of multidisciplinary healthcare system which reflects the independent, dependent and collaborative positions of the nurse involving respective functions.

  • Track 1-1 Evidence Based Practice
  • Track 2-2 Critical Thinking Ability
  • Track 3-3 Nursing Theory

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