Speaker Biography

Lucy Love

Dr Love is an Associate Medical Director for Mountain Healthcare, a major provider of forensic medical services and SARCs (Sexual Assault Referral Centers) for complainants of sexual assault in the UK.  She has been a Sexual Offences Examiner for 20 years, including the evaluation of child sexual abuse and regularly appears in court as an expert witness. She is a recognized trainer of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners and Pediatric Medical Examiners in the UK. She also works in the NHS as a Psychosexual Therapist.


The role of the nurse as a Pediatric Sexual Assault  Examiner [SANE] has been established in the USA for many years. However, in the UK, this role has traditionally been carried out by doctors ( Pediatricians and Forensic Medical Examiners -FMEs). Pediatrician’s are a limited resource, already overloaded with their general pediatric work  and often unwilling to work in the high-profile arena of Child Sexual Abuse [ CSA]. Forensic nurses are already used widely  and successfully across the UK to examine adult complainants of rape. The training requirements to enable  nurses to provide a reliable, high quality pediatric forensic service  are discussed for areas of the UK, where pediatricians are unable or unwilling to perform the role.