Speaker Biography

Sharon Jackson

National Clinical Implementation Specialist for Sunrise Senior Living USA

Title: Transformational Leadership: The Key to Create Change

Sharon Jackson

Sharon Jackson is a Member of the John Maxwell Team. She received her MSN Degree in Nursing Administration from Xavier University in 2007 and BSN Degree from Silliman University in 1990. She is a Board Certified Nurse- Executive (NE-BC) by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).She currently works as a National Clinical Implementation Specialist for Sunrise Senior Living in the US and Canada. She was a Speaker on Transformational Leadership in the 4th Annual Educational Conference of the Philippine Nurses Association of Metropolitan DC (PNAMDC) Spring Hill Suites in Alexandria, VA, USA.


The healthcare industry is gripped by leaders who are conventional thinkers, most of them, if not all cannot think outside the box. They tend to follow status quo and senseless processes and protocols. This key note speech aims to enthused leaders who are forward -thinkers who are MULTIPLIERS OF THE SMARTS of the greatest assets of the organization - the WORKFORCE. It aims to help facilities to succeed by positioning the right individuals in the right position to be GREAT advocates for change in promoting quality, innovation, system and legislative changes.